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Process Safety Management

We help you in designing a Process Safety Management system that suits your needs. PSM generally aims at preventing the release of hazardous substances. This is done by the implementation of an integrated set of elements including management commitment, knowledge of technology and risks, operational excellence and learning from experience.

Incident Investigation

Incidents are investigated to prevent recurrence and allows organisational learning. The Tripod Beta methology is specifically developed to meet these aims, and is widely recognized in many industries and services. Krypton Consulting is an accredited Tripod Beta service provider and can usually deploy within 24 hours, directly or via associates of the global Incident Investigation Flying Squad.

Risk Analysis

Hazards and risks must be known and understood in order to manage them. Initial and revalidation studies are required by company policies and authorities. We help by preparing and executing risk assessment studies like HAZOP, What-If, LOPA/SIL studies and similar.


We participate in site or corporate process safety audits based on internal standards, Seveso III directive (EU), PSM OSHA (US) and others.


Our training portfolio consists of accredited Tripod Beta incident investigation trainings, Risk Analysis (Bow-Tie, HAZOP, LOPA, QRA, HEMP). Specific process-safety related trainings are developed om request.

General consulting

Many safety-related needs cannot be grouped under any of the subjects mentioned above.You may have a specific problem, may need a second opinion or just someone to challenge your ideas. Please contact us to check if there is a match.